Networking on mobility and innovation in Vocational Training

AGREEMENT NUMBER –2015-1-ES01-KA202-015832

1.- Description of the Project:

The teachers find in our daily work with students in Vocational Training that a great number of students who begin enrolling in training cycles, especially in Intermediate studies, and after a few months into the course drop out. This problem affects all training cycles in general, although in our case we will focus on the Intermediate Training Cycle of Vehicle Electromechanics.

This problem is really important for several reasons. On the one hand, students who leave school and they address to the labor market that currently is not able to offer them a job, and in cases where work is achieved, unfortunately, is usually a temporary job or called “garbage contracts”. Sometimes, after a time and once the student meet the harsh reality of joblessness, they try to return to be formed in Vocational Training. However, in many cases this is not possible or it is but in particularly difficult conditions either because the student has now loads and family responsibilities that are incompatible with school hours, either because he it felt off the hook at the level of basic knowledge and study habits, etc.

  This situation leads us to ask the question as teachers: What can we do to help to reduce the high number of dropouts? And one of the possible answers, into our scope, is to perform motivating activities for students. Get that the student wishes to be formed in his course, with his companions, that he wishes to attend class because he feels that what he is doing in the classroom is useful, that he is learning and topics and activities that had been worked are really interesting. Obviously, this requires an effort by the teacher to, into the curriculum marks, design motivational activities, with the use of resources in order to make it easier for the student, the understanding of concepts and the implementation of practices.

 2. The proposed objectives are:

– To create a new teaching methodology with the development of electronic books by students.
– To establish a significant practices group into the vocational family, in this case transport and vehicle maintenance.
– To reduce failure and dropout in vocational training
– To create a virtual library with the e-books made.
– To establish a methodology with which it is learned working, always a real work.
– To network with the project partners to establish mobility projects for students and teachers

3.- Project duration: 2 years

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